At the Garden, Everyone Grows

Monthly membership is $400.  Members have access to all of the building's amenities during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Members can add on childcare for one child at $15 per hour and $8 per hour for each additional sibling. 

Non-members can purchase packages of 10 hours ($300) and 20 hours ($550) for childcare and coworking time. These hours are drawn down as you use them and we ask that you use them within 30 days.

We also offer a drop-in option for those who need childcare in a pinch—it's $60 to come here with your child and work for 90 minutes. We will do our best to accommodate you! Just email us at

Our team is dedicated to offering working parents what they want and need (and only what they want and need). We are always open to suggestions about structuring our membership and packages, and we welcome your feedback. 

Thank you for helping us grow! 

The Garden is an innovative co-working system for working parents. We provide fully-equipped office space with all the amenities, plus nurturing, compassionate, play-based childcare in the same (gorgeous!) building. At The Garden, you can host a client meeting, receive a package, get a report out the door, and pause to have lunch with your toddler. If we can make it a little easier for you to have a productive day at work AND know your kid has had a great day too, we’ve succeeded. 

Equal Play founder Katie Carlin has been a mom her entire career. She knows intimately how hard it is to be successful professionally and also bonded to your children. Katie founded The Garden in 2018 as a way to offer busy working parents a flexible, beautiful office space where they could still be close to their kids. The Garden is an empowering work environment for coworkers, caregivers, and children, one of the first of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

In addition to office space, The Garden provides members with pumping rooms, a lounge where kids and parents can interact, excellent onsite childcare, and the opportunity for warm parent-child interactions throughout the day. Oh, and did we mention you don’t have to battle traffic between morning drop-off and your nine a.m. call? That, too.

Many different kinds of professionals will find a desk at The Garden. We’re ideally suited for consultants, freelancers, and satellite employees, as well as people who know that “working from home” with children often means not getting very much done. Tour The Garden to see whether it might be the right place for you!

We use the term biophilic to describe The Garden. Our members enjoy a quiet workspace with outside views and ample natural light. Fountains, container gardens, and green elements throughout help create a focusing, calming work environment. You’re welcome to eat lunch, relax, and work on our lovely outside patio. And an easy walk downstairs leads to our childcare and nap  rooms, The Play Garden and The Nursery.

Absolutely! The Garden has two reservable conference rooms where members are encouraged to meet clients and other coworkers. We also have quiet spaces inside and out for calls and teleconferencing. 

We offer hourly rates on an as-available basis. Our flexible memberships allow people to reserve the space they need, exactly when they need it. 

Membership to The Garden includes wifi, printing and scanning services, as well as access to call rooms, conference rooms, and package delivery. We have onsite parking and plenty of bike parking. We also have fresh, healthy snacks available, and  filtered water throughout the building. Plus coffee. Excellent coffee. Or tea. And what truly sets us apart are our many amenities for working parents: pumping/nursing area, our mixed-age cafeteria, and our onsite childcare.

Sure! We’re proud of our childcare philosophy and our wonderful childcare providers, all of whom have at least 12 credits of Early Childhood Education and undergo rigorous background checks. Childcare takes place in a beautiful, light-filled space that we call The Play Garden. Our caregivers are trained to provide nurturing, compassionate, play-based care, and to foster cooperation through connection, not consequences. We believe in positive discipline, and we’re entirely screen-free. We think it’s important for childcare providers to be respected partners in our kids’ learning and growth. (Yes, that means we’re meticulous in choosing our caregivers, and we pay them a fair living wage.)  At The Garden, everyone grows.

We know how hard it can be for your little one to say goodbye when she can see you working in the other room. Rest assured that our workspace and childcare spaces are completely separate. But you can pop in for a snuggle any time you like. You can also work in The Play Garden until your little one is feeling comfortable and ready to play without you. 

We will! We provide a healthy, organic, nut-free tea service in the mornings and afternoons, and will serve your child lunch if you bring it for them. You can also eat lunch together in the cafeteria, or pop out to any of the fabulous restaurants within walking distance of The Garden.

We can care for children from infancy to school-age. (Yup. We know all about those teacher in-service days when you have to work but your child needs a place to go.)

The Garden is located in beautiful downtown San Mateo. We are two quick blocks from the Caltrain station (an express stop) and easily accessible from the 101 and 92 freeways.  The Garden is open from 8:30-5, Monday to Friday and two Saturdays a month starting in November 2018.

Is childcare a pain point for your employees?